A truly a fit and forget lubrication system for your Chain

February 5, 2013 12:42 pm

The benefits to a customer of fitting the best oiler and filling with the best oil

A truly a fit and forget system to lubricate your Chain

almost zero maintenance, reservor contains100ml of oil similar to a scottoiler.  Each pump action delivers 0.01ml of oil or 0.0087g. so on maximum setting of “9″ gives a single pump every 20 seconds.

100/0.01 = number of pumps in the resorvioor = 10,000

10,000 x 20 seconds = 200,000 (number of seconds use in a resorvioir)

200,000 / 60 = 3,333 (number of minutes use in a reservoir)

3,333 / 60 = 55.6 (number of hours  use in a reservoir) that is at 45 mph average speed enough for 2500 miles or at avera


The timer may operate slightly faster than 20 seconds, therefore we allow a little and say enough for a minimum of >50 hours riding at maximum.  On the minimum setting this is over 334 hours use (one fil)

Continueous operation from -8 °C to around 50 °C with a single oil (see below graphis, PDOiler data is on access 2 and has been show on 5X scale

constant flow

Automatic operation = we recommend the electrics are connected to rear light (providing rider rides with his lights on).  Turn on the engine on comes the light and the oiler.