Using a Motorcycle Chain Oil Applicator

March 27, 2012 12:36 pm

Motorcycle chain maintenance; always starts with a clean chain. The best way to clean your chain is with a lubricant, use brush (and old toothbrush) or clean rag.

There are two types of chain oiler; gravity fed systems (Scottoiler V systems, Tutoro, loobman.) and pumped systems (Scottoiler E system, PDoiler).

For both of these system types, use an applicator to fill the oiler reservoir and adjust the drip rate. For gravity systems you MUST adjust the drip rate according to the weather. For automatic systems (PDoiler) this is not necessary.

With an automatic oiler motorcycle chain maintenance is much reduced. Please ensure your chain is always correctly adjusted.

When fitting an oiler for the first time remove the chain, sprocket guards, and anywhere else it may be (gearbox or swingarm) clean off all old spray lube/ wax. If this is not done the residue is diluted by the oil and you have a worse mess later.