The best way to get power from the engine to the back wheel!

January 31, 2013 1:53 pm

A properly used chain is the most efficient way to transfer power from drive to the driven, such as from the transmission to the wheel on a motorcycle

Chain breakages happen at speed and under power and cause serious damage.  Clearly there is a need to discuss chain maintenance.  A properly used chain means one where the shafts and sprockets are aligned, the correct tension is applied and the chain is maintained in good condition (clean free of rust and lubricated).

We have no tome to discuss alignment and tension but focus on lubrication only.

Some people think that a sealed chains do not require lubricant, this could not be further from the truth!

There are two theoretical solutions to correct lubrication; let’s call them sticky and oily.

Sticky’s idea is the lubricant stays permanently but, debris also will stick and thus needs cleaning.

With oily, is that oil is applied to the chain, the oil lubricates and flows throughout the chain lubricating the seals, and replenishing the grease.  The oil is flung from the chain taking with it any debris it collected on its journey.  The down side some fling off of oil occurs, though it is much easier to clean than the flung sticky stuff.

Continuous lubrication can be achieved by variety of devices.  They vary by the methods used to turn on and off and how the oil is delivered to the chain.  PDoiler uses an electric actuated pump constant flow delivered directly to the chain according to the riders wishes and in combination with PTLube achieves a fourfold increase in chain life.

Motorcycle chain life data collected over 26 years indicates that the optimum life is achieved when a good quality correctly formulated oil is continuously used.