PDOiler fitting & operating instructions

March 27, 2012 12:33 pm


  1. Select anywhere* on bike to fit oiler container with filler cap uppermost. The container may be laid on it’s side but notless than 15 degrees from the horizontal. No need to secure at this stage.*(because it will pump uphill!).
  2. Fit the feeder tube assembly underneath or on the inside of the swinging arm, position the tube end so that it is morethan 75mm before the chain meets the rear sprocket and 20mm above the centre of the rollers (cut tube if necessary),secure using cable tie (supplied) – when tightening the cable tie make sure the rubber support is flattened. If you have atapered swinging arm – you may need to use the cable tie mounts to stop it slipping.
  3. Route supply tube through frame, try to ensure the tube passes close to the swinging arm pivot (this will minimise the movement of the tube), position the self adhesive clips where necessary(clean surface before fitting), then fit tube intoclips and on to meet the oiler container nipple. Heat end of tube with warmwater then push tube onto the nipple .Secure the container (using the cushion pad and cable ties.) supplied. See Fig 3(of sketch)
  4. Connect electrical lead (black wire) to negative terminal of battery or wire connected to negative terminal of battery, theother (red wire, fitted with in line fuse) to wire operated by the ignition switch (this will need a some electrical knowledge,if unsure, gain professional help). Select suitable place to fit ‘Timer’.Plug connector of timer to the connector of the oiler unit then the other connector to the connector of the In-Line fuse. Switch ignition switch on. If oiler is new, set controlknob of timer to ‘Fast’ (9 on dial). After about 50sec. A ‘clicking sound’from the container will be heard, another 2sec later, then approx.20secs there after. You can also check operation by observing the red light on the timer dial, this willindicate when the oiler is in operation, the off time can be adjusted using the control knob.Note: the timer programme will always begin with the off time (about 30-130 sec.) Depending upon the setting, followed by the on time and so on.
  5. Filling Instructions
  • Remove dip tube and fit injector tube (with grommet uppermost) fully into oiler unit.
  • Inject oil (we recommend motorcycle chain oil supplied bywww.ptlube.co.uk ) but any suitable oil will do, into the container (using oil can) until oil shows in filling tube, remove and fit dip tube. Regularly check oil, to do this, place finger over top of tube and withdrawal. Never let the oil get below red marker.
  • Set timer knob to 9 on scale. Upon activation of ignition switch, oil will appear in the supply tube in pulses of approx.20secs. Until oil drips out of the end onto the chain. This may take 50 minutes or so or you can prime the system first by filling the supply tube with oil – using an oil can, etc,.
  • Set control knob to suit rider requirements.


During operation, oil may find it’s way onto the rear wheel and tyre, it is advisable to remove this without delay.

Technical information:

Voltage : 12v Current : 0.6A Power consumption : 7.2w(when activated.)

Fuse Type : 1A (F) (Quick Blow) 20mm x 5mm

Helpline :

Tel : 01980 624877  Tel : 01980 624877 E Mail : b.stokes985@btinternet.com or bristo34@yahoo.co.uk