Extended chain life with PTLube Motorcycle Chain Oil

February 5, 2013 12:33 pm

The benefits to a customer of fitting the best oiler and filling with the best oil

We will extend the chain life

Our testing has been undertaken on around 100 machines over some 26 years and continues today.  Initial work looked at measiring wear during the life of a chain in order to gather information more quickly.  This was abandoned as too many factors were involved and it is impossible to accurately measure wear on one chain during its life.  We now only study the entire chain life, from new to depleted with one single lubrication technique.  We have used only data generated on one bike with one owner and one lubrication method.  The life of the chain is plotted.  We have gathered sufficient data to show several interesting facts.  See Chart below.

superiour wear

Using add on manual lubrication (see sticky bar on left) the shortest chain life was only just over 7,000 miles, and the longest just over 18,000.  PTlube spray (one data point only) was the longest life (shown with a flag).  With some minor exceptions all other data shown exceptwas generated with scotoilers.  Predominently three different oils have been tested in scottoilers, by far the longest life is PTLube’s