Extended your chain life ... Environmentally compatible
Lowest cost on the market ... Unique formulation
O-Ring compatible ... Smells good too!

PTLube are a British specialist company making only superior motorcycle chain lubricants.

Our motorcycle chain oil has been developed and tested over 20 years. Our low friction, antiwear chain oil is proven to extend the life of your chain.

Our motorcycle chain lubricant is made to be environmentally friendly.  We have targeted a slightly higher viscosity than most competitive fluids used for the same application, this is to protect the chain. PTLube motorcycle chain oil is completely compatible with o-ring seal materials and with the competitive oils tested. PTLube is therefore simple to use, just fill the reservoir with oil.

PTLube motorcycle chain oil is targeted to be the lowest cost product on the market. Our oil is the most sophisticated product, containing additives to protect against corrosion even in the salty conditions found in winter, tackiness additives help prevent excessive fling off and of course friction and wear reducing components. We have published on this site supporting data to show how our oil out performs competitors, and we think our oil smells better than competitive products too.

Application devices are also available if required.

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